Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Post-Mortem - Train Station Environment

Well, that was quick huh?

Alright, so for my last big portfolio project I had hoped to construct a large, spacious environment in the hopes of filling it with all kinds of props and details, as well as try my hand at creating modular pieces of environment (kind of like lego blocks) and piecing them together. Simple huh?

The results? I managed to create a large, expansive environment utilizing only a small number of pieces. I learned a ton about building things in modular pieces, such as a set piece of wall or floor that can then be connected to other pieces in order to create a full environment. Every piece of the Train Station is modular, so it could actually be re-arranged any number of ways.

Overall? I learned a ton. I'm hoping to apply what I learned on this project to my next one. Stay tuned!

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