Sunday, October 5, 2008

More concepts

I've been waiting on a new copy of 3ds Max to arrive, so I've been striking forward on new concept pieces for the steampunk mod, which we've tentatively titled BOILER. We did a bunch of story and character related tasks this week, focusing on the two teams and what kinds of characteristics and backgrounds they have. The zeppelin is meant to be part of the red team, while this week I focused on something from the blue team. I've got a ways to go before I nail down the final characteristics of both teams, but I think I've gotten on the right track!

Explanations for each piece below!

This week was largely spent on concepting an adversarial vehicle for the zeppelin to fight. We settled on a kind of anti-aircraft turret that fires large heavy shots that would be dangerous to zeppelins. I went through a few ideas (shown above), but we latched on to the idea of a large armchair with a cannon attached.

I liked the idea of a self-propelled turret that could move to whereever it needed to go, and since we're working with wacky, zany steampunk stuff, why not give it legs?

We started a little character stuff this week, and while Ken and Scott were brainstorming, I just started on drawing silhouettes, based on what kind of characteristics we settled on. Above is what we started working on for the zeppelin pilot, a kind of sea-captain thrust into zeppelin service as a result of technology springing forward at an unnatural pace. This coming week will probably be more concept work, so stay tuned!



daughter of God said...
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something like rahab said...

Your "large armchair with a cannon attached" idea is sweet. Steampunk rocks. More, I want to see more!